Since taking your classes, Sophia has become much more confident in herself and her ideas.
— Tiffany Poirier
Next year we are launching the inaugural season of "Bigger Than a Breadbox" (our #KnightArts project). The first show is all about the kickass women** from Akron’s history who have helped build our city– and those who are making an impact today! (Because, being from present day, they're not dead.)

However, as we brainstormed #Women2Follow to feature on social media, we encountered a problem. A big problem. We couldn’t think of some women who deserved to be featured.

We thought of ALL THE WOMEN.


As Kyle and I tried to think about who we wanted to include and what, exactly, put them in the #Women2Follow category, our list just kept getting longer.

Regrettably, we do not have the resources to feature every single woman in the world.

In order to shrink our list to a manageable size, we need your help. Which is why we are seeking #Women2Follow nominations. And we understand that choosing someone can be a difficult task (do we ever!), so we have a few simple "guidelines" that (hopefully) will make it a little bit easier for all of us:
  1. Think about nominating someone who doesn't always get the credit they deserve– this is an opportunity to spotlight any unsung heroes in our community.

  2. Nominees should be somebody who welcomes “follows” to their social media accounts or website. This could be to their personal page(s) OR to a page/business they run

  3. Nominators may only nominate ONE nominee; nominees must be “from” the Akron area. (Interpret “from” how you will.)

  4. Fill out our nomination form (Scroll down– it's at the bottom of this page!) to submit.

  5. We're just looking for a couple (possibly a few) concise sentences that really get to the heart of why you chose your nominee.
**This is the 21st century and we understand that gender exists on a spectrum. Which means we welcome nominees who don't fit into the traditional, binary definition of "woman". For our purposes, what matters is that they wouldn't mind being identified with #Women2Follow. (We're more than happy to use preferred pronouns in the rest of our post.) Also, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT "out" anyone. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to be completely open about their identity. If there’s even a chance that you might "out" someone: ask their permission. A potentially awkward conversation now is better than the consequences of being "outed".
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I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.
— Dr. Maya Angelou
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