Scene Study (Youth)

Scene Study (Youth)


Scene Study
Ages: 9 - 14 Years
Entire Session: $75
Exploring The Actor's Process

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”
-Sanford Meisner, Director

Grab your scripts, find your scene partner, and get to rehearsing! Scene Study is an introduction to the process of preparing and rehearsing a scripted text. Using a chosen script, students will work closely with their scene partner(s) to explore blocking, character creation, repetition and even directing. Students will also be exposed to more advanced techniques, such as identifying the given circumstances and the importance of reacting truthfully in the moment.

*There will be a final performance held on Saturday, May 12th @ the Rialto Theatre

Saturdays @ 10:30 - 11:30 AM (4/14 - 5/12)

This class will be held at:
The Big Love Space
1111 Carey Ave. • Akron, OH 44314