Political Theatre

Political Theatre


Ages: 13 +
Saturdays @ 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM (9/8 - 12/8)

Entire Session: $175
* Scholarships are available (Please email info@watheatre.com)*

“All theatre is political.” - FRANCES BABBAGE

At the intersection of art and society, stands politics. And at the heart of all things political, communication is key. Theatre has the power to shine a light on all things social and all things political.

During this 12-week course, explore the very nature of theatre and how it has the power to stimulate thought and conversation, all while transcending bipartisanship.

There will be a final presentation on Saturday, December 8th.

This class will be held at:
Imagine Leadership Academy
2405 Romig Rd. • Akron, OH 44320