“Experienced my first storytelling last night at Jilly's. I'm hooked. The vibe was so wonderful, the all-inclusive atmosphere they created was like medicine.”
― Danielle Sawat

Open to the public, Full Circle Storytelling events revolve around a prompt and the idea: everyone has a story. Sign up to tell a true story related to the evening’s prompt or just come to enjoy the show! (No experience necessary.) Co-hosted by Wandering Aesthetics, Jilly's Music Room and The Akronist this intimate evening of storytelling will conjure the spirit of community.

Stories range from heart wrenching to hysterical – and everywhere in-between!

Full Circle Storytelling is FREE and OPEN to the public.

MISSION STATEMENT: Full Circle is a successful monthly storytelling event open to the community. Telling their own true tales, Akronites place themselves at the center of their own life journeys. We use the art of narrative to ignite understanding between diverse peoples, building bridges– not walls– within our community.

Email watheatre@gmail.com for information or to register for an event. (Or fill out the form below!)

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Volume Three of #FullCircleStories Will Arrive September 27th!

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Collected Works, Volume I & II

The BIG FINALE of the first #FullCircleStores season was held on June 4th at Summit Artspace as part of June's Akron Artwalk.


The Full Circle Storytelling Playlist found on The Akronist's YouTube Channel.

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