Some how — almost by magic — Wandering Aesthetics has built a community of performance artists and a collection of entertaining and educational events that promote the arts, culture, self improvement and civic improvement. Oddly, this all came about with just about zero budget, a basement that was originally fit for only storage, a walk too long on the Appalachian trail, a lot of hard work and — of course — love (lots of it).
— Michael Carrino
The AWARD-WINNING Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret continues to be one of the area’s most popular events. Started in the basement of a flower shop, it is an artist driven event that sees over 100 audience members, 20 performances and 6 non-stop hours of art.

Registration for performers begins at 8030 pm. Performances begin at 9:00 pm. Anyone may sign up for a 12-minute slot. Performers may pre-register at watheatre.com/epcooker.

An emcee, house drum kit, keyboard and sound system (with operators) are provided. ALL varieties of acts are encouraged to perform at this kaleidoscopic happening! Previous acts have included: monologues, acoustic musicians, comedians, feats of strength, play readings, experimental art, dancers, scenes from plays, improvisation, devised work, full rock bands and performance artists.

But the sky is the limit; no art is too taboo for the #EPCooker!

ALL levels – from beginner to the most experienced – are encouraged to perform. Those under 18 are permitted to attend (and perform!) with adult supervision.

The #EPCooker is not just an Open Mic: It is an open and welcoming community of artists. It is also a great networking event, a great place to improve stage presence and a great place to develop as an artist. Storyteller Kyle JozsaJust Go With It Improv, Copper Pennies and many other acts premiered at the #EPCooker.

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***The #EPCooker is a regularly occurring open mic that takes place on the FIRST SATURDAY of every month at The Center located at 118 W. Market St., Akron, OH 44303***
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In April of 2016, The Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret won the 2015 Akron Zenith Award for "You Tell the Tourist - Your Attendance is Mandatory!!!" Up against incredible local mainstays Porch Rokr, Boo At The Zoo, The Akron Art Museum and The Akron Marathon, the #EPCooker prevailed because of the strength and support of our community – CONGRATULATIONS y'all!

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Wandering Aesthetics is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Wandering Aesthetics must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.