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Monthly Donor Spotlight

James Knapp


ames Knapp, local attorney and activist, was born and raised in Akron. A poet and natural storyteller, James acts as ally, advocate, and educator through his position with TransOhio. In his spare time, he enjoys eating fine cheeses, getting into political debates with strangers, and caring for his cats.

A longtime friend and one of the first to support the vision of Wandering Aesthetics, we couldn't be more grateful for James Knapp. Akron – and beyond – is better because of your work.

Previous Donor Spotlights:

May 2016: Yoly Miller
June 2016: Angela Chaffin Miller
July 2016: Connie Williams
August 2016: Walt & Theresa Minick
September 2016:  Jennifer Calhoun
November 2016: The Carrino Family
January 2017: Rachel Grof-Rice
February 2017: Christiana Capozzi
March 2017: Robert & Sara Hernandez
December 2017: Nici Romo
January 2018: James Knapp

Yoly Miller (May 2016)

The certified "Queen of Akron," Yoly Miller is a frequent blogger and contributor to numerous publications including The Akronist and her own blog, yolylifeinbetween. Seemingly always in three places at once, Yoly doesn't just keep the pulse on Akron, she's literally the heartbeat of the city. An avid supporter of the Akron Arts and Culture Scene, Yoly is no stranger to supporting in any and every way she can. Yoly recently gave a large donation towards The Electric Pressure Cooker Presents... Bigger Than A Breadbox.

No amount of tail wags will ever be enough to express our gratitude for all Yoly does – for Wandering Aesthetics and all of Akron!!!

Connie Williams (July 2016)

Connie Williams is a writer and the Managing Editor of the Akronist, a digital magazine dedicated to shining a positive light on Akron-centric issues and culture. She also works as a consultant for ArtsNow, an organization that works to promote, connect and support arts and culture in Summit County. She serves on the Board of the Center for Applied Dramatics and Autism (CADA). Connie came to Akron in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the city and its people. She is passionate about her family and friends, her community, and her politics. Connie lives in the Highland Square neighborhood with her husband Bob, her 17-year-old son Robert and their cat Lenny. She also has a 22-year-old daughter, Caroline, who lives in Chicago. Connie enjoys reading, attending local arts events and sipping red wine with friends on her front porch.

Ever since allowing us to cat-sit (and subsequently alcoholically-enable) Lenny, Connie has been one of Wandering Aesthetics most ardent supporters. She has volunteered her time, her energy, her supplies, her money, her blood, her sweat, her tears...her LOVE to help move us forward. We are not only honored to call Connie Williams the Monthly Donor Spotlight for July 2016, we're honored to call her a true friend.

Jennifer Calhoun (September 2016)

Jennifer Calhoun is an Akron native who grew up in Firestone Park and graduated from Coventry High School in 2004. Throughout her life, Jennifer has been very involved with the Fine Arts. She was an active participant in the music and drama programs throughout high school and college. Jennifer attended the University of Akron where she earned a degree in Music Education. She became the Vocal Music Director for the Madison Local School District in 2012. She teaches over 320 students between grades 6-12, directing 7 choirs and the high school musical. She lives in a pleasant beach community on Lake Erie, and really treasures the time that she spends with her friends, her boyfriend Jeff, and her dogs, Gracie and Lola. Jennifer loves to attend the #EPCooker whenever possible, and she can often be seen singing with the her piano and/or ukulele on stage. Travel is an important part of Jennifer’s leisure time. She has traveled the country on various road-trips with the dogs, visiting 30 states and 6 countries. Jennifer loves Benjamin and Kyle. Oh yeah, she also enjoys painting, crafts and eating really delicious food, too.

A longtime friend of Benji's – and fairly longtime friend of Kyle's –
Jennifer has been an avid supporter of ours since the days of Heads Up Productions. Through the years she has offered us laughter, tears and constant support. We LOVE YOU, Jennifer!

Rachel Grof-Rice (January 2017)

Rachel Grof-Rice is a confident person who has accomplished a variety of things. However in her opinion, at the end of the day, most of them are inane. What has come to matter most to her is living in the moment, enjoying the good things in life, loving with all your heart, and always continuing to try and be a better person no matter what you have already accomplished.

Wandering Aesthetics couldn't even ask for a better supporter (or Mom)!!!

Robert & Sara Hernandez (March 2017)

Sara Hernandez was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. During her time college in Tennessee, she met Robert Hernandez – originally from Corpus Christi, TX. The two established a home in Akron in 2002 and have two daughters. Their oldest daughter, Arawen, is now a drama student at Miller South, and their youngest, PJ, was recently accepted into Akron's STEM program. Robert and Sara opened Aqueduct Brewing in October 2014, becoming a part of the growing small business community in Akron. Hoping to support the Akron artistic community, they began hosting concerts, art shows, and open mic nights at the brewery and became a sponsor of Wandering Aesthetics in 2015. They continue to support Wandering Aesthetics and other local artists whenever possible.

Robert and Sara want Aqueduct Brewing to be a supportive and welcoming place for everyone within the city they love.

Akron could really use a few more business owners, community members and artistic patrons just like Robert and Sara Hernandez.

"I guess I'm trying to create a movement..."

Angela Chaffin Miller, (pictured with Sunshine), is a Kenmore resident and neighborhood champion. A certified mover and shaker, nothing stands in her way. Angela frequently volunteers at the International Institute of Akron – among other organizations – hosting dinners for visitors from all over the world. Her passion is to revitalize her own neighborhood of Kenmore by hosting block parties, reading clubs, storytelling events and generally being the very definition of neighborly.

Angela often contributes to Wandering Aesthetics and The Electric Pressure Cooker Presents... Bigger Than A Breadbox, most recently helping to make both the #5x5 and #28on27 FUNdraisers a huge success! Angela is not only Kenmore Kool, she's Akron Awesome!

Walt&Theresa Minick (August 2016)

Walt and Theresa Minick are avid supporters of the arts and culture scene in and around Akron. Their sense of care and pride in our community is constantly on display through all of their volunteering efforts. Walt is retired from the business sector and Theresa, an educator, serves on the boards of various non-profits. They both advocate for supporting the artists and diversity of talent in our community.

“We are big fans of Kyle and Benjamin and were so happy to hear they received a Knight Foundation grant, allowing them to take their creative efforts to the next level. We have attended so many of their events and performances - community storytelling, the electric pressure cooker, among others. And, as an educator, I admire their commitment to providing artistic classes for the Akron youth. We were happy to contribute to Wandering Aesthetics so they could meet the matching funds for their grant. We hope whoever reads this is motivated to support the artistic endeavors of Benjamin and Kyle."

This world could use a few more people like Walt and Theresa Minick.

The Carrino Family (November 2016)

One set of Wandering Aesthetics fans is the Carrino family: Michael, Nicholas, Gabrielle and Marji. Since 2014, the Carrinos have been attending and performing in the Wandering Aesthetics anything-goes open mic, The Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret, as well as taking Wandering Aesthetics seminars and enjoying their performances. The Carrinos have had a lot of different performing arts experiences but the Wandering Aesthetics provide them a venue where they all get to share their love and passion for the performing arts together.

Gabrielle started with a few acting lessons at Akron's Weathervane Theatre as well as dance lessons at Studio West in Fairlawn. Soon after, she became a long time participant in the Magical Theatre Company's K. I. D. (Kids In Drama) Camp as well as their Acting Out(side) Camp which is a collaboration with Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In addition, she has performed in the Copley Middle School band and also works in the Copley High School Theater Department's productions. Gabrielle has also toured with The Magical Theatre Company and the Akron Symphony Orchestra production of "Babar". Gabrielle frequently attends the Electric Pressure Cooker and has even performed in it with Wandering Aesthetics and Gum-Dip Theatre's Katie Beck.

Nicholas has been a member of the Magical Theatre Company's K. I. D. Camp as well as the Acting Out(side) Camp, too. He toured with Magical Theatre Company and the Akron Symphony Orchestra in their production of "Aesop's Fables". Nicholas also plays both clarinet and bassoon in the Copley Middle School band. Just this last year, he decided to teach himself how to play piano through Youtube Videos and used used his newfound talent to perform at the Electric Pressure cooker with his dad. Nicholas also frequently attends the Electric Pressure Cooker.

Marji has been a podcaster for 11 years and though she doesn't perform on stage, she is not only supportive of her family in their performances, she has also been the co-creator of the Armchair Survivor and Armchair Apprentice podcasts for over a decade.

Though everyone around him has been performing for years, Michael did not really get to take the stage until just a couple of years ago. Again, it's the Electric Pressure Cooker that has been a very large part of his performance outlet and workshopping ideas. There, he has performed readings, storytelling, stand up comedy, improv and musical numbers. Through the Cooker and improv classes at the Houde School of Acting in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Michael has hosted the stand-up comedy show Michel Michael, performed standup comedy at the Funny Stop, taught improv at the Houde School of Acting's Kent branch and he is a part of the Houde Rats improv Troupe. He has also performed in short films by Szego Films for the 48 Hour Film project and You People Productions.

Carrino says, "Wandering Aesthetics have provided opportunities for many, many people to work toward their artistic dreams and goals. For me and my family it has been a wonderful place to try new skills and talents, workshop new ideas and debut new original songs. Mostly, it's a place to have fantastic bunch of like minded supportive friends. They don't ask much to be supportive of you -- just to be there -- and they're there for you."

Christiana Capozzi (February 2017)

Christi Capozzi is a 27 year old Illustrator and freelance artist. She is currently working towards a master's degree in children's book illustration, while also creating her very own children's book. In her spare time, Christi acts as an auxiliary member of the Wandering Aesthetics family, designing flyers, assisting on projects and volunteering as a team member for the Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret.

Christi has been a roommate, friend and integral team member of Wandering Aesthetics ever since the company was dreamed into being in the mountains of Appalachia. Our very first images and thoughts were shared with Christi as she patiently helped design– and redesign and redesign again – our iconic logo. Wandering Aesthetics is grateful to have such a thoughtful and creative collaborator and friend in our corner. Namaste!

Nici Romo (December 2017)


Nici Romo, the unsung here of Wandering Aesthetics, is one-of-a-kind. A graduate of the University of Akron and Artistic Director of Dunamis Theatre, she can often be found teaching for Artful Living & Learning in Stark County or Wandering Aesthetics in Akron, performing around Northeast Ohio and mothering her three wonderful children in Stow. An actor and director, some of her favorite roles include: Flo (Picnic), Fran (1,000 Hills), Olympe (A Flea in Her Ear), Duke Fredrick (As You Like It) and Trail Angel (Trail Magic). While she moonlights with Wandering Aesthetics, her passion is with her own company, Dunamis Theatre, which is gearing up for a run of Yellow by Del Shores.

Our gratitude to her is undying – like an eternal flame protected by a ferocious dragon...who I shall name Blaze. (We are also grateful for her Mom and children – Josephine, Colton, and Aurora – for letting Nici live her dreams!)


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