Providing a platform for Akron's artists through Bigger Than a Breadbox, a quarterly vaudeville show of local talent that will travel to different neighborhoods.

In the early 20th century, Akron was a destination for touring vaudeville shows, which offered a variety of specialty acts for the masses at an affordable price. Wandering Aesthetics will adapt that format for the modern audience with Bigger Than a Breadbox, a quarterly vaudeville show that will travel to different Akron neighborhoods and offer high–quality performances curated from local talent.

Building on the success of Wandering Aesthetics' reoccurring Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret, Bigger Than A Breadbox events will be vibrant evenings that celebrate artistic excellence, uniting audiences through affordable access to a revolving lineup of high quality performers.

Bigger Than A Breadbox will bring together neighborhood favorites with talent from other areas of the city, reflecting a diverse array of experiences and artistic fields. Each production will be seasoned with unique neighborhood flavor, steeped in local history and complimented by a community-focused pop-up art gallery. Vendors will also be allotted space. Acts will receive a stipend. One quarter each year will specifically focus on artists from the city’s refugee and immigrant community, showcasing the variety of cultures within Akron.

Leading up to every Bigger Than A Breadbox, Wandering Aesthetics will host meet-ups within each area to identify talent and create excitement within featured neighborhoods.

#AkronBreadbox Events

Bigger Than A Breadbox: Akron's Legends of Tomorrow
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Bigger Than A Breadbox: Akron's Legends of Tomorrow
from 20.00

Wandering Aesthetics’
Electric Pressure Cooker Presents…
“Bigger Than a Breadbox: Akron’s Legends of Tomorrow”
A Knight Arts Project

Join Wandering Aesthetics at Bricco Prime in Portage Lakes for another powerful production of Bigger Than a Breadbox, Akron’s rousing variety show.

Building on the success of Wandering Aesthetics’ reoccurring Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret (#EPCooker), Bigger Than a Breadbox is a vaudeville-style variety show. Vaudeville, once known as “the heart of American show business”, harkens back one of the earliest forms of entertainment available to Akronites

Bigger Than a Breadbox is a dynamic quarterly event that celebrates artistic excellence and unites audiences through affordable access to a revolving lineup of high quality performers. Breadbox tours Akron, creating performances that are comprised of acts selected from the #EPCooker and the neighborhood where each production is held. Acts reflect a diverse array of talent and all performers are paid. Shows include 8 – 10 acts that range from 10 – 20 minutes.

...the future is ART..

“Akron’s Legends of Tomorrow”, the third #AkronBreadbox production, features a diverse array of artistic talent as they explore legends in Akron, from past to present.

This live vaudeville performance explores Akron’s cultural heritage and celebrates those artists who work to preserve it.

Featuring music, comedy, poetry, art (and a few surprises), this variety show has something for everyone

Come early to grab some spirits and food from Bricco Prime and to visit a selection of local art and craft vendors!

“Wandering Aesthetics’ Electric Pressure Cooker Presents…Bigger Than a Breadbox” was made possible, in part, by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as part of its Knight Arts Challenge.


November 17, 2018
Doors/Bar/Vendors: 6:00 pm
Performance: 7:30 pm


Bricco Prime
4315 Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH 44319


$20.00 per ticket
$30 per pair of tickets

Tickets are available at or at the door. For pay-what-you-can tickets or more information, please call 330.612.3090 or email


Emcees: Madame Payoh & Uncle Willie
(AKA Mercy Littell & Matt Dodds)

Deb Zep & BZ (Brian) Douglas (Music/Storytelling)

Benjamin Rexroad (Civic Seminar)

Gideon Lorete (Dance)

Joy of Voting (Clowning/Theatre)
(Nici Romo & Kyle Jozsa)

Yoly Miller (Poetry)

Gum-Dip Theatre (Theatre/Movement)

The Wild Embers (Music)


Cari Newby, Color Street

CJ's Shimmering Sensations VIP

Jennifer Betz, Tarot Card Reading

S. E. Cowley Art

Teresa M Johnson, Refined with Fire

Zae & Sam Bath Bombs


“Wild Willie Payoh Power Hour”

Presented by: Wandering Aesthetics

Performed by: Mercedes Littell & Matt Dodds

Madame Payoh & Uncle Willie are on a sugar high following their Halloween run of ‘Serial Killer Seance’. Join this prodigious pair as they produce their newest show – Wild Willie Payoh Power Hour!

They’re taking over Akron one act at a time…

“BZ/DZ: Another Musical Love Story”

Performed by: Deb Zep & Beezy Douglas

A short musical storytelling performance about how they met.

“A Civic Sermon”

Performed by: Benjamin Rexroad

Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to a faith gathering: a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. ... At Civic Saturday, we gather, we sing, we share readings of American civic scripture, we hear poetry, stories and a civic sermon.

“Polynesian Dance Entertainment”

Performed by: Gideon Lorete

Dances from around the islands of Polynesia.

“The Voting/Matters Debate”

Presented by: Wandering Aesthetics

Performed by: Nici Romo & Kyle Jozsa

"To Vote” or “Not To Vote” that is the question our fighters must answer in this head to head heavyweight bout!

The opponents, Ima B. Voting and Don T. Matters, will go toe to toe in what's being called the fight of the century!!! These two will go back and forth in the ring delivering body punches and uppercuts on their voting stance, until someone reigns supreme.


Performed by: Yoly Miller

Akron High Arts Award winning poet Yoly Miller presents a series of poems.

“My North Hill”

Presented by: Gum-Dip Theatre

Performed by: Tessa Gaffney, Josy Jones, Neema Tamang, Hsa, & Tilchan Kalikotay

"My North Hill" was created from transcripts of four story circles facilitated with the International Institute of Akron at the Exchange House Akron designed to create conversation through sharing stories of personal experience in order to more effectively manage racial tension and celebrate ethnic diversity. It is a living, breathing piece that aims to enhance civic engagement and participation by sharing, performing, and listening to the stories of each community.

“The Wild Embers”

Presented by: The Wild Embers

Performed by: Chelsea Blackerby & Aaron Fried

A collective w/ gypsy-esque instrumentation, haunting vocals, fairytale lyrics & hard to define sound outside of time & @ the edge of folk.


It is the mission of Wandering Aesthetics to transform our community by strengthening human connection, empathy, and intellectual discourse through storytelling, live performance, classes, and other high-quality cultural encounters.

Dreamt into being on the mountains of Appalachia, where founders Benjamin Rexroad and Kyle Jozsa completed a thru-hike of the 2,185.9-mile Appalachian Trail, Wandering Aesthetics rose (like an overused cliché) from the ashes of Heads Up Productions. The organization is an Akron, Ohio-based storytelling theatre company bent on exploring our American roots and identity through the lens of narrative. We build community through person-to-person contact, connecting disparate peoples through events and performance, investigating the human link in our diverse cultural heritage. For more, visit


The Knight Arts Challenge funds the best ideas for engaging and enriching Akron through the arts.

For more information visit:

About the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. We believe that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged. For more, visit

This Bigger Than a Breadbox has been made possible through grants and support from:

Akron Community Foundation
The Akron/Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau
GAR Foundation
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Junior Leadership Akron
Ohio Arts Council
Summit Artspace

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Help Us #RaiseTheDough For #AkronBreadbox

Bigger Than A Breadbox – one of Akron's #KnightArts Challenge Grant recipients – required matching funds. Wandering Aesthetics successfully raised $75,000 over two years in order to receive the funds!

That being said, Akron Breadbox is still looking for grants so Wandering Aesthetics can focus on elevating its artistic quality, growing the company and creating the most impactful programming possible.

While we busy ourselves with producing these dynamic events, please consider helping us #RaiseTheDough for #AkronBreadbox by making a donation today, (every penny counts).

(All checks towards Bigger Than A Breadbox must be made out to Summit Artspace, our fiscal agent for the project.)


Akron Breadbox Updates:

The path to $37,500 won't be easy...

  • March 2016: Awarded Knight Arts Grant • Began Fundraising Campaign• Yoly Miller donates $500

  • April 2016: Held First #EPCooker Following Grant Announcement

  • May 2016: #EPCooker wins 2015 Zenith Award for "You Tell The Tourist" Your Attendance Is Mandatory Category • Raised $870 as part of #5x5 for Benjamin's Birthday • Global Ties Akron donates $100 following Wandering Aesthetics' 'Exploring The World Through Stories' Festival Performance • Raised $638 as part of #28on27 for Kyle's Birthday • Raised $441.37 at May's #EPCooker

  • June 2016: Full Circle: Collected Works raised $614.92 • Theresa & Walt Minick donated $200 • The Akron Community Foundation awarded Wandering Aesthetics $5000 • Raised $109.02 at June's #EPCooker

  • July 2016: Karen Wilkie Edwards of City Sprouts donated $100 • Raised $311.25 at July's #EPCooker

  • August 2016: Made $150 toward #AkronBreadbox during Tails From The Witch's Cauldron • Programmed the #EPCooker Porch for HSNA's PorchRokr Music & Art Festival • Mark & Sandy Auburn donated $500 • GAR Foundation awarded Wandering Aesthetics $17,5000 • Raised $550 at August's #EPCooker

  • September 2016: Wandering Aesthetics named as FINALIST in the second Akron #KnightArts Challenge • Brenda Knoop Whitmore donated $75 • Raised $258.61 at Motherhood

  • October 2016: Performed and received recognition at the second Akron #KnightArts Challenge award ceremony • Began preparation for our springtime FUNdriaser

  • November 2016: Connie Williams donated $150 • Raised $547 at November's #EPCooker

  • December 2016: Preparation for the #AkronBreadbox fundraiser began • Nancy Brennan donated $100 • Rachel Grof donated $1000

  • January 2017: Wandering Aesthetics was awarded $750 by Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau (ASCVB) as part of their 2017 Partnerships in Motion Destination Development Grant Program • Raised $372 at January's #EPCooker

  • February 2017: Applied for GAR Foundation Grant

  • March 2017: Raised $481 at March's #EPCooker

  • April 2017: Launched Taste of the Breadbox • Raised $3,700 during Taste of the Breadbox • Awarded $2000 by Junior Leadership Akron as part of their Philanthropy Project

  • May 2017:


Akron Breadbox Donors:

  • Open Mic Level ($1 - $100): Amazing Suspense Productions • Bette Lou Higgins • Blaine Klein • Brian Reitz • Danielle Hupp • Frank & Kendra Jozsa • Greta Lagodmos • Jessica Montgomery • John Werner • Karen Guc • Katie Carver • LeRoy Green • Lisa Weiser • Molly Hartong • Paul & Sandy Parks • Samantha Dunn • Tracey Thomas • Wendy Duke

  • Cabaret Level ($101 - $250): Brenda Whitmore • Brian Tritchler • Ellen Botnick • Global Ties Akron • Jeff Hamilton • The Laakso Family • Marjorie Carrino • Mark & Sandy Auburn • Nancy Brennan • Oddmall • Theresa & Walt Minick

  • Full Fledged Performance Level ($251 +): Angela Miller • The Big Love Network • Ben & Brenda Rexroad • Connie Williams • The #EPCooker Community • The #EPCooker Team • Jennifer Calhoun • Mark & Sandy Auburn • Rachel Grof-Rice • Yoly Miller


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