Providing a platform for Akron's artists through Bigger Than a Breadbox, a quarterly vaudeville show of local talent that will travel to different neighborhoods.

In the early 20th century, Akron was a destination for touring vaudeville shows, which offered a variety of specialty acts for the masses at an affordable price. Wandering Aesthetics will adapt that format for the modern audience with Bigger Than a Breadbox, a quarterly vaudeville show that will travel to different Akron neighborhoods and offer high–quality performances curated from local talent.

Building on the success of Wandering Aesthetics' reoccurring Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret, Bigger Than A Breadbox events will be vibrant evenings that celebrate artistic excellence, uniting audiences through affordable access to a revolving lineup of high quality performers.

Bigger Than A Breadbox will bring together neighborhood favorites with talent from other areas of the city, reflecting a diverse array of experiences and artistic fields. Each production will be seasoned with unique neighborhood flavor, steeped in local history and complimented by a community-focused pop-up art gallery. Vendors will also be allotted space. Acts will receive a stipend. One quarter each year will specifically focus on artists from the city’s refugee and immigrant community, showcasing the variety of cultures within Akron.

Leading up to every Bigger Than A Breadbox, Wandering Aesthetics will host meet-ups within each area to identify talent and create excitement within featured neighborhoods.

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The next Bigger Than A Breadbox event will be held in September 2019!


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Help Us #RaiseTheDough For #AkronBreadbox

Bigger Than A Breadbox – one of Akron's #KnightArts Challenge Grant recipients – required matching funds. Wandering Aesthetics successfully raised $75,000 over two years in order to receive the funds!

That being said, Akron Breadbox is still looking for grants so Wandering Aesthetics can focus on elevating its artistic quality, growing the company and creating the most impactful programming possible.

While we busy ourselves with producing these dynamic events, please consider helping us #RaiseTheDough for #AkronBreadbox by making a donation today, (every penny counts).

(All checks towards Bigger Than A Breadbox must be made out to Summit Artspace, our fiscal agent for the project.)


Akron Breadbox Donors:

  • Open Mic Level ($1 - $100): Amazing Suspense Productions • Bette Lou Higgins • Blaine Klein • Brian Reitz • Danielle Hupp • Frank & Kendra Jozsa • Greta Lagodmos • Jessica Montgomery • John Werner • Karen Guc • Katie Carver • LeRoy Green • Lisa Weiser • Molly Hartong • Paul & Sandy Parks • Samantha Dunn • Tracey Thomas • Wendy Duke

  • Cabaret Level ($101 - $250): Brenda Whitmore • Brian Tritchler • Ellen Botnick • Global Ties Akron • Jeff Hamilton • The Laakso Family • Marjorie Carrino • Mark & Sandy Auburn • Nancy Brennan • Oddmall • Theresa & Walt Minick

  • Full Fledged Performance Level ($251 +): Angela Miller • The Big Love Network • Ben & Brenda Rexroad • Connie Williams • The #EPCooker Community • The #EPCooker Team • Jennifer Calhoun • Mark & Sandy Auburn • Rachel Grof-Rice • Yoly Miller


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