#EPCooker Cover Charge (BYOB)

#EPCooker Cover Charge (BYOB)


Electric Pressure Cooker Cover Charge (BYOB) For Audience Members

All proceeds will go to:

#EPCooker team members and to help reach our Year Two match for The The Electric Pressure Cooker… presents Bigger than a Breadbox. Bigger Than A Breadbox – launching this Fall – is one of the 27 winners of the of the 2015 John S. and James L. Knight Foundation’s Knight Arts Challenge Akron. #AkronBreadbox needs to raise $75,000 in matching funds over two years - but only $37,500 over the next 15 months.

For more information (including the up-to-date funds raised) visit watheatre.com/btab or email watheatre@gmail.com.

About Bigger Than A Breadbox:

Building on the success of Wandering Aesthetics’ reoccurring Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret, Bigger Than a Breadbox (BTAB) draws inspiration from Akron’s historic ties to vaudeville. Using this vaudevillian blueprint, BTAB will be a dynamic quarterly event that celebrates artistic excellence and unites audiences through affordable access to a revolving lineup of high quality performers. BTAB will tour Akron; each “bill” will be comprised of acts selected from the EPCooker and the neighborhoods where BTAB events are held. Acts will reflect a diverse array of talent and receive a performance stipend.

$5 cover charge (BYOB) or pay-what-you-can at the door. Audience members can pay their covers and artists can pre-register for a performance slot online at watheatre.com/epcooker or via phone at 330.612.3090.