Just had my first acting lesson with Kyle Jozsa it was perfect, wonderful... Words can’t describe how happy I am!!
— L.t. Matta Smeriglio
Wandering Aesthetics' storyteller and solo performance artist Kyle Jozsa is available for private coaching (individual or small group*) with students of all ages.

Topics can include:
    Audition Prep
    Character Development
    Effective Communication
    Overcoming Stage Fright
    Public Speaking
    Stage Presence
    Score of Action
    Voice & Body Development
    And More!
$15/Half Hour
(Discount available for booking multiple sessions in advance)

To schedule an appointment call (330) 612-3090, email info@watheatre.com or fill out this form:
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What do you hope to get out of your session(s)? What goal(s) do you have in mind?
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Preferred Time
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